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Phoenix Grill Cleaning Services

Cleaning and repair services from BBQ Cleaning Guru

BBQ Cleaning Guru provides complete barbecue restoration services in Phoenix, AZ. We’re experts on everything from cleaning to repair, so you know you’re getting the best service possible.

Restore your BBQ grill with our Phoenix grill cleaning and grill repair service.

After a barbeque has seen endless cookouts, you may start to notice some wear and tear. This is to be expected, but you don’t have to live with it! Phoenix homeowners can simply call BBQ Cleaning Guru to schedule their grill restoration service. Our team picks up your grill and takes it off site to complete the service. If we pick up your BBQ on Monday, you’ll have it back by Friday – just in time for the weekend!

Professional Grill Repair

Your favorite grill may need repairs from time to time to keep it operating at peak performance. Don’t go searching for expensive replacements – give us a call instead. Whether your grill is a new model or vintage, BBQ Cleaning Guru is here to help repair your barbecue to its former glory. We also offer grill installation on any grill that we sell and parts replacement for a wide variety of models.

We are a complete barbecue restoration company. Discover the additional services we offer:

Grill cleaning – Using our own green, non-toxic products, our barbecue cleaning service ensures a shiny, healthy cooking surface. There is never residue left in your barbecue.

Grill repair – We can fix your broken grill. We stock a wide variety of BBQ grill parts from top manufacturers to get your grill back up and cooking in no time.

Grill installation – BBQ Cleaning Guru will handle a new barbeque installation on any grill that we sell. Our team even recycles your old grill on your behalf. Learn more about new grill installations from BBQ Cleaning Guru!

From barbecue cleaning and repair to grill installation, we’re the obvious choice for Phoenix homeowners. BBQ Cleaning Guru is five star company with happy customers throughout the Valley! Contact us to find out more about our BBQ cleaning and schedule your next service!

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