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Our process is comprehensive: we pick up your grill on Monday for an intense, three-day restoration. Your grill will be inspected, and any necessary repairs will be made before it is polished and tested. In fact, our team takes care that your grill never even touches the ground when it is at our facility! Your grill will then be delivered back to you on Friday in perfect working condition. It’s the convenience of concierge service, brought to you by the experts at BBQ Cleaning Guru!

You’ll be amazed at what a difference de-greasing, deep cleaning, and even the smallest BBQ repairs can make. Our services include:

Did you know that we are the pioneers of “BUILT-IN” barbeque restoration? No other company picks up your barbeque grill and cleans, repairs, restores and returns it looking and performing like new within the same week. You’ll never miss a weekend barbeque!

Check out our Photo Gallery of before and after grill restorations. We guarantee you will see your grill model and be amazed at the transformation!

The BBQ Cleaning Guru proudly offers its barbeque cleaning, repair and restoration services to clients in the cities of:

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