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Phoenix Valley Grill and Barbeque Parts

In terms of repairs, can you install new grill parts on-site?

Our grill parts and BBQ parts can indeed be installed on-site. We use only the finest barbecue parts when performing grill repairs, and if the right barbeque parts aren’t readily on-hand we can order them in a timely fashion. In addition to barbecue repair, we also offer barbeque cleaning and grill restoration. Trust all of your barbecue repair needs to the BBQ Cleaning Guru. We’ll provide the grill supplies you need when you need them.

Grill PartsGrill Parts

Depend on the BBQ Cleaning Guru for the finest in grill parts and BBQ repair. We can repair and replace barbecue parts including:

And offer grill repair for:

The BBQ Cleaning Guru uses only the finest grill parts for repairs, and all BBQ parts can be installed on-site for your convenience. Our grill repair expertise assures that the right barbecue parts are always installed in a timely fashion. Discuss your BBQ repair needs with our experts today. We’ll educate you as to the necessary barbeque parts and assure a barbecue repair that has you grilling again in no time.

We offer a host of grill parts and BBQ parts. The BBQ Cleaning Guru has most parts on hand, and can also special order barbeque parts if need be. Count on us for cleaning, repair, and restoration using green, non-toxic, biodegradeable products in the cities of:

  • Carefree
  • Cave Creek

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